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Proxy Solicitation Services

In addition to traditional annual meeting proxy services, our team has in all of the other most important proxy services areas, including:

Transactional Special Meetings, including proxy votes for the approval of mergers & acquisitions, asset sales/divestitures, recapitalizations and share issuances;

Proxy Contests in all forms, ranging from contests over board control, to minority board representation campaigns waged by professional shareholder activists;

Advice on Negotiating Settlements with Shareholder Activists – Statistics show that better than 4 out of 5 announced proxy contests and shareholder activism disputes get settled, prior to ever proceeding to a final vote. While we will always be committed to preparing our clients to “Fight the Good Fight”, our team’s insights about the prospects for success, coupled with our informed perspectives on shareholder activist behavior, can greatly aid clients in developing an optimal settlement strategy, to avoid a proxy contest;

Tender & Exchange Offers serving as Information Agent on offers involving either equity or debt securities, made for any form of consideration; and

Shareholder Proposals ranging from advisory votes on corporate governance and social issues, submitted by public pension funds, to compensation related proposals submitted by individuals and labor union funds.

Whatever the project, our team’s perspectives on the implementation of proxy solicitation strategy and tactics can be a crucial determinant of success. By way of illustration, our team can offer a knowledgeable perspective and actionable guidance on:

(a) The likely level of voting to anticipate in a contested proxy solicitation scenario;

(b) How particular corporate governance issues or assertions will impact the voting by the various institutional and individual shareholders;

(c) What factors to highlight in deck presentations made to professional proxy decision-makers;

(d) The extent of true influence that third proxy party advisory firms will have on the voting outcome; and

(e) Formulating the optimal proxy time line and issues campaign for the best chance of winning a contentious proxy solicitation effort.

If you have a proxy services related question, please send your query to or call us at 212-616-2180. We will be pleased to answer your query and informally share our initial perspectives, without obligation.