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Stock Watch Services

Our highly experienced stock watch team possesses the knowledge and resources to provide corporate clients with much more timely and informative insights into their shareholder profiles than can be developed from 13(f) reports and other publicly available SEC filings.

Our stock watch team regularly uncovers major position changes by client’s institutional shareholders several months ahead of public disclosures.

We also have the means to closely track toehold positions held by private parties and off-shore investors, who are not subject to any public disclosure requirements.

Our stock watch findings are developed from bottoms-up, discreet research of a client’s street name shareholder profile, utilizing proxy process methodology.

Our stock watch programs are NOT a repackaged, public database service. More specifically, our research capabilities and experience enable our team to advise clients on:
  1. The net-long positions held by secretive hedge funds, including those with extensive shareholder activism history;
  2. Position changes by major institutional shareholders after quarterly financial releases and non-deal road show presentations;
  3. Changes in the client’s shareholder profile demographics after material public disclosures;
  4. The precise extent to which a client’s shares are held outside of the US, in specific geographic regions; and
  5. In merger & acquisition situations, we can determine the precise extent to which a client’s shares are held by risk arbitrage firms and other special situation hedge funds.

If you have a question about stock watch services, please send your query to, or call us at 212-616-2180. We will be pleased to answer your query and informally share our initial perspectives, without obligation.